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Multiscale Molecular Modeling
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MOSE Staff
Maurizio Fermeglia
Room 34 - Building B
+39 040 5583438

Professor Maurizio Fermeglia graduated in Chemical Engineering at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Trieste in 1980. He got his habilitation for chemical engineer in 1985. Professor Fermeglia spent the period 1981 - 83 as researcher at the Denmark Technical University (DTH). In 1984, he joined the department of chemical engineering at the University of Trieste as Researcher. His current position is full professor at the Department of Engineering & Architecture of the University of Trieste, where he holds the course in ‘Chemical and Biochemical Reaction Engineering’’ and ‘Data base design’. He has been the head of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Information Technology from 2006 to 2012 and the president of the Research board of the University of Trieste from 2010 to 2012. He was the director of the Ph.D. School of Nanotechnology at the University of Trieste from 2007 to 2013. From 2013, he is the Rector of the University of Trieste. Professor Fermeglia's research interest are focused on multiscale modeling for materials design and life science, phase equilibrium and applied thermodynamics, process simulation, molecular simulation, nanotechnology, nanomedicine. Professor Fermeglia currently holds the following positions, among others: member of the EFCE working party on thermodynamics and transport properties, IUPAC fellows, member of the AIChE, member of GRICU and AIDIC. Maurizio Fermeglia has published more than 190 peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters and has made more than 200 conference presentations as invited plenary, keynote, oral or poster presenter. He has also given invited lectures seminars at numerous companies and academic institutions and has organized several workshops on topics related to process engineering, nanotechnology and multiscale modeling. He supervised dozens of master thesis in Chemical engineering and Computer technology as well as Ph.D. projects at the University of Padova and at the University of Trieste. In the area of nanomaterials he was the local leader of several EU FP6 and FP7 projects dealing with modeling and simulation. He was scientific consultant of ICS - UNIDO within the Subprogram 'Process Simulation' from 1999 to 2011 and of UNEP for the implementation of PRTR in different countries from 2005 to 2013. More information in H index in 2016 is 37; number of citations 4095; i10 index 107; total number of papers 285 (Google Scholar).

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Sabrina Pricl
Room 126 - Building B
+39 040 5583750

Sabrina Pricl graduated in Chemistry in 1986 at the Science Faculty of the University of Trieste. The same year, she obtained her habilitation for Chemist profession. From 1986 to 1990 she worked as fellowship at the Area Science Park of Trieste and at University of Trieste. From 1990 to February 2002 she was assistant professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Trieste. On February 2002 she became associate professor of Chemical Engineering at the same Faculty.

From 1995 to 2000 she was appointed as teacher of Physical and Technological Properties of High Polymers. At the time being, she holds the course of Thermodynamics and Transport Properties, and is a member of the Research Doctorate Council of the University of Padua and Trieste. She has been also involved in teaching in the following courses: Chemistry, chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Chemical Engineering Principles, and Rheology of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Systems. She has been and still currently is holding courses and seminars at several Universities and Scientific Institutions on several topics, including biopolymer rheology, thermodynamics and molecular modeling and simulation.

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Paola Posocco
Room 8 - Building B
+39 040 5583440

Paola Posocco graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Trieste in 2005. In the same year, she had an education grant in Plast-Optic Research Center (UD), in the field of plastic materials and optoelectronic devices for the automotive. From July 2006 she started her collaboration with Molecular Simulation Engineering Laboratory (MOSE), active within the University of Trieste in the area of molecular modelling of nanostructured and non materials for life and material science. From January 2007 she started her PhD in Nanotechnology in Trieste. From the beginning of the 2008 she collaborates with Scuola Universitaria della Svizzera Italiana in the framework of DRUDE project "Nanovectors for drug delivery in oncology: a combined modeling/experimental study".

Her research activity is mainly focused on the multiscale modelling of nanostructured complex bio/non bio systems. She is now involved in the European Project MultiPro “Design of tailor to made multifunctional materials by molecular modelling of structure property relationship, experimentation and processing” (VI FP) and Nanomodel “Multi-Scale Modelling of Nano-Structured Polymeric Materials: From Chemistry to Materials Performance” (VII FP).

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Erik Laurini
Room 10 - Building B
+39 040 5583735

Dr. Laurini carried out his scientific research in the medicinal chemistry field in projects regarding the rational drug design, synthesis, structural characterization (UV, IR, NMR) and the study of structure-activity relationships of novel compounds potentially useful for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, in particular of sigma receptor ligands. Since 2010, Dr. Laurini conducts research projects in the area of computer-aided molecular simulation of biological systems related to drugs, drug resistance in cancer treatment and study of nanocarriers for gene therapy. At present, Dr. Laurini is also one of the three finalists at the NanoChallenge 2012 international competition (winner to be announced in April 2013) with the start-up project "EpiDyne", a UNITS-Veneto Nanotech spin-off company developing innovative computational methods for engineering protein therapeutics with low risk of immunogenicity.

  • 2006: graduated in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology (110/110 cum laude).
  • 2010: PhD in the Ph. D. School in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies.
  • 2010 – present: Post-doc fellowship (area ING-IND/24; subject: Chemical Engineering) at the MOSE laboratory of the Department of Engineering and Architecture at the University of Trieste in collaboration with the Oncology Institute of Italian Switzerland (IOSI) and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (project title: "Study of mechanisms of inhibition of STAT3 by computer-aided simulation ") while continuing the research as a visiting scientist at the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Scientific Output: 14 communications to national and international scientific meetings; 23 referred papers listed in ISI Web of Knowledge.

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Francesca Santese
Room 10 - Building B
+39 040 5583735

Francesca Santese graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Trieste in 2010 with a thesis about the investigation of drug-receptor interaction mechanisms via molecular simulation. From 2011 she is a PhD student of the Graduate school in Nanotechnology of Trieste, carrying on her research activities in MOSE . Her main research activity concerns the study, correlation and prediction of the structure/property relationships for molecular systems in material sciences using molecular simulation techniques. In particular she is involved in the development of multi-functional nanocoatings, with different degrees of complexity to improve the performance surface of a plurality of products of soft and hard materials.

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Valentina Dal Col
Room 10 building B
+39 040 5583735

Valentina Dal Col obtained her master degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmceutical Technology in 2010 with a combined thesis between molecular simulation and chemical synthesis. From 2011 she is a PhD student of the Graduate school in Nanotechnology of Trieste, carrying on her research activities in MOSE lab. Her main studies are focused on correlation and prediction of the structure/property relationships for the molecular systems in life science using molecular simulation for instance after cancer mutations. In particular she is involved in the development of a 3D model for sigma-1 receptor, a membrane protein, by homology modelling that can be useful for new drug design and, particularly, to understand the biological role of this protein because unfortunately it lacks a crystallized structure. She has an ongoing collaboration with Istituto nazionale dei Tumori of Milan to verify the changes caused by oncogenic mutations in drug affinity towards tyrosine kinase receptors. In addition she is now working on protein-protein interaction, i.e. the signalling pathway of beta catenin receptor after mutation. In 2012 she spent three months at the synthetic laboratory of Prof. Peng at CNRS, Marseille (France).

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Domenico Marson
Room 32 - Building B
+39 040 5583735

Domenico Marson graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the University of Trieste in 2011. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. studies in the group of Prof. Sabrina Pricl at the school of Nanotechnology in Trieste.

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