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Patents Links

Self-assembling micelle-like nanoparticles for systemic gene delivery
Self-assembling nanoparticle drug delivery system
Drug and gene carrier particles that rapidly move through mucus barriers
A list of pending patents for mucus-crossing nanoparticles in eye delivery
Targeted liposome gene delivery
Self-assembling nanoparticles for the release of bisphosphonates in the treatment of human cancers
Nanoparticles comprising antibacterial ligands
Self-assembling nanoparticles composed of transmembrane peptides and their application for specific intra-tumor delivery of anti-cancer drugs
Self-assembling nanoparticles for the treatment of vascular diseases
Topical dermal delivery compositions using self assembling nanoparticles with cetylated components
An industrial patent list for general siRNA delivering nanovectors
Another industrial patent list for general siRNA delivering nanovectors
Recent patents on nanoparticles and nanoformulations for cancer therapy
Literature survey of papers and patents on dendrimers and nannomicelles for delivery to cancer
Triggered self-assembly of nanoparticles in vivo
Synthesis and self-assembly of abc triblock bola peptide