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Useful Links

Multiscale Molecular Modeling
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Research projects
Useful links
Useful Links

 Research Sites: process simulation

 Department of Chemistry - University of Trieste
 Informazioni da UNIEUR
 University of Cambridge
 Aspen Technology, Inc. Home Page
 UCLA list
 University Berlin list
 Prode software for Chemical Engineering
 I'M - EUROPE Home Page
 Welcome to SRI International Search
 Chemistry by Max Kopelevich, University of California
 University of Berlin a huge list
 Chemistry links of
 University of Umea a comprehensive list Thermo Data
 University of Illinois thermodynamic Data and Property
 Webbook NIST (Colorado)

 Research Sites: molecular modelling

 Protein data bank
 Accelrys software

 University Sites

 University of Trieste
 DICAMP Home Page
 Faculty of engineering
 Biblioteca University of Trieste
 Trieste city

 IT Links

 Microsoft Security Site
 Silicon Graphics Security
 Gartner Group

 Information and search engines

 Phone Book University of Trieste
 Pagine Gialle ‘On line’
 Sito Docenti CINECA